A34. Focused Communication

This activity is part of the Closing section, when we're done with the project, or we want to cancel it. In both cases, we need to do a few final things. 

Now the Sponsor sends a message to everyone in the company, announces the closure of the project, and thanks all the team members.

Remember that everyone in the company should be aware of the ongoing projects; otherwise you cannot expect them to be aligned with the objectives, especially when resources are shared among multiple projects.



  • Hi all,
    I’m glad to inform you that the document management implementation project is finished successfully. Well, we finished it two months later than expected, however, it’s still a success based on all uncertainties we had. I’d like to thank you all for your contributions.
    It’s now time to see how it works in our company, and how much benefits it generates.
  • Hi all,
    As you know, many things changed in our BuildingXYZ project during the last three months. Unfortunately, the project wasn’t justifiable anymore, and we realized it’s best to cancel the project, and focus on more beneficial investments. I appreciate all the effort you put into this project, and I ensure you that it’s not wasted; we’ve learned a lot, and we can use this knowledge in our future projects.
  • Dear team members,
    Congratulations! We’re done with ProjectABC. It’s handed over to the customer, and they seems to be quite happy with it. Thank you all for the great work.
    By the way, we had another project in our backlog since 5 weeks ago. Now that we’re finished with this one, we can start the new project. I guess this project will be very interesting for many of you. I’ll let you know more about it in a few days.


  • A01. Appoint the Sponsor
  • A02. Prepare the Project Summary
  • A03. Appoint the Project Manager
  • A04. Set up the PMIS
  • A05. Appoint the rest of the team
  • A06. Populate the PMIS
  • A07. [Select suppliers and agree on the Supplier PMs]
  • A08. Preparation Audit
  • A09. Go/No-Go
  • A10. Project kick-off
  • A11. Focused Communication

Cycle Planning

  • A12. Update the PMIS
  • A13. [select suppliers and agree on the Supplier PMs]
  • A14. Go/No-Go
  • A15. Cycle kick-off
  • A16. Focused Communication

Weekly Activities

  • A17. Measure and report performance
  • A18. Manage deviations
  • A19. Weekly kick-off
  • A20. Weekly Audit
  • A21. Focused Communication

Daily Activities

  • A22. Capture RICs
  • A23. React to RICs, based on Delegation Limits
  • A24. Accept completed products from the Team Leaders and Supplier PMs

Cycle Closing

  • A25. Evaluate the customer and team satisfaction
  • A26. Plan for improvements
  • A27. Focused Communication


  • A28. Receive approval and hand over the product
  • A29. Handover the Business Case to the responsible person
  • A30. Evaluate the customer and team satisfaction
  • A31. Closing Audit
  • A32. Archive the PMIS
  • A33. Celebrate and announce closure
  • A34. Focused Communication


  • A35. Check the Business Case and evaluate the benefits
  • A36. Design additional activities if required
  • A37. Focused Communication


About PMIS elements (documents)

  • A04. Set up the PMIS
  • A06. Populate the PMIS

About Roles (people)

  • A05. Appoint the rest of the team

About Planning

  • A06. Populate the PMIS
  • A12. Update the PMIS