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A27 Focused Communication

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The Project Manager sends a message to all team members and tells them about the project achievements in the cycle. This reminds everyone to be focused on the objectives, rather than random specialist activities.

Remember that it should be about achievements, rather than “work”.

Example 1

Hi everyone,

We’re done with another cycle, which was in fact a great one. We finished the structure of two building blocks, and utilities of 17 units. We’re a little behind schedule, but I’m sure we can recover from it in the next cycle. We’ll do the cycle planning together on Monday, and I’ll let you know about it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, let me know if you have any considerations.

Example 2

Hi everyone,

We’re at the end of the sixth month of the project, and I have good news: we finished all the Must-Have features of the website. We have four more months in the project to deliver as many Should-Have and Could-Have items as possible. Great job everyone! I’m looking forward to the next Cycle Planning.



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