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P3.express uses the simple Flow you see above. This Flow consists of 37 activities in 7 sections. This page is a quick overview of the Flow, and you can find more information about each activity by clicking on the activity nodes above, the lists bellow, or just just exploring the first activity of a project: A01. Appoint the Sponsor


P3.express is based on gradual planning, instead of upfront detailed planning. First we create a high-level plan in the preparing section and then it will be detailed for each month, in the cycle planning section.

Each project starts with the first activity of the preparing sections and follows the path. The following are the preparing activities:

There’s a go/no-go activity in this section. If the decision is to continue, we will proceed to the cycle planning activities, and otherwise, to the closing activities.

Cycle Planning

Each P3.express project is planned, executed, and controlled in monthly cycles. Each month starts with the cycle planning activities, where we use the high-level plan and prepare a detailed plan for the upcoming month.

The following are the cycle planning activities, which run one after the other:

Similar to the preparing activities, there’s a go/no-go activity. If the decision is to stop the project, we will proceed to the closing activities, and otherwise, the weekly activities.

Weekly Activities

There are a number of structured activities for starting each week of work:

After we’re done with our weekly activities, we can get into our daily work.

Daily Activities

The following are the daily activities:

We continue the weekly cycles, until the end of the month, when we do the cycle closing activities. Unless everything is done in the project, in which case we will do the closing activities of the project.

Cycle Closing

At the end of each monthly cycle, there are a few closing activities we need to do:

Then we proceed to the next cycle, with another cycle planning.


If we finish everything and want to close a complete project, or we get a decision to stop the project in one of the go/no-go activities, we will run the following closing activities:

At the end of this section, the project is finished. However, some people will stay responsible for the post-project activities.


After the project is closed, some people stay responsible for the following post-project activities:



You can subscribe to the P3.express list to stay informed of future updates. Members of the list are also involved in the future updates and can contribute in different forms.