Simplified, practical project management framework is a free, extremely simplified project management framework based on PRINCE2® and PMBOK® Guide that you can learn, and start using in your projects in just a few days.

Standing on the shoulders of giants doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. It's primarily based on PRINCE2® and PMBOK® Guide, and benefits from other frameworks such as XP (eXtreme Programming), DSDM®, and Scrum.

Down to Earth is a down-to-earth method you can really use.
The fundamental standards are invaluable, but too complex for normal projects that most people just can't use them.

Fully Integrated is a fully integrated package of methodology, practices, and tools. You don't need to worry about finding proper techniques for your project, or find out how you can use normal pieces of software such as Excel to handle PM activities; everything is ready for you.

People-Oriented recognizes that the primary problem in most projects is the human aspects, and therefore addresses them carefully, instead of limiting itself to a mechanical process.

Creative Commons is licensed under Creative Commons: it's free to learn, use, and teach. The framework is community based, and continuously uses the contributions of its members for improvement. 


Perfect is the enemy of good-enough. tries to bring 80% of the perfect PM system by only 20% of the effort. If you aim for the perfect, you'll just give up. 

Multi-Purpose is suitable for most small and medium size projects in a variety of industries. Basically, it's for normal projects most of us are dealing with daily. 

Extendable uses a minimal core, with optional Addons that make certain parts (e.g. risk management) more advanced. There are also Themes that make is easier to use it in certain industries.

How can I learn

How would I be recognized? Member


You can become a Member today, and join a community of enthusiastic project managers who share the ownership of, contribute to it, and help each other improve. Certified Practitioner

You can evaluate yourself after learning, and by passing the exam, you'll become a Certified Practitioner.

The exam doesn't have prerequisites, and you can take it after taking classroom training or self-study. Those who can't pass the exam can take it again for free. Champion

The Champions are Certified Practitioners who train more than 5 colleagues, and help their companies use Jedi

A Jedi is a Champion who submits at least one Addon, Theme, example, or case-study to Each submitted material is reviewed by the existing Jedis, and made available to the public after its consistency and effectiveness is approved. Accredited Trainer

Those interested in becoming accredited trainers need to be Certified Practitioners first. Then they need to give training to at least 6 people, using the Standard Training Material. At least 80% of the participants should pass the Certified Practitioner exam, with at least 60% of them in their first try. Then you become an accredited trainer, and stay as one as long as you follow the quality guidelines.

Becoming an accredited trainer is a free process. Coach

A Coach is an Accredited Trainer who spends at least 50 hours per year helping people understand and use for free. 

This support can be provided in online forums, events, meetups, etc. Accredited Training Organization

Training organizations become accredited when they have at least one Accredited Trainer.

The training programs can be classroom-based, online instructor-based, or self-paced eLearning courses. The course material should be reviewed and approved. 

Becoming an accredited training organization is a free process. You will be listed, and local customers directed to you. 

Become a Member Now! Membership is free. Members share the ownership of the framework, contribute to it, and support each other to become better project managers.

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