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A16 Focused Communication

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Send a message to everyone, and tell them about the expected achievements in the upcoming month, and the risks involved, as well as planned responses to those risks. It’s important to let everyone know their role in the overall achievements of the project, and ensure they are aligned with the goals, rather than focused on isolated specialist activities.

Example 1

Hi everyone,

We’re going to start the next cycle for ProjectXYZ.

First, I have to thank Mary for bringing up the risk of new regulation, and all of you for helping find the best response to it.

Based on the planned response, and our project schedule, we really need to complete the three main features of the backend during this cycle, and submit it for approval; otherwise everything will be uncertain in the project. If you had any questions about those features, the best person who can help you is Michael.

Example 2

Hi everyone,

We’re starting a new cycle in ProjectABC. Unfortunately, we’re two months behind schedule, and it’s getting serious. What we need to do is to reduce this to about 6 weeks until the end of this month, and the best way to do it is to focus most of our effort on resolving the conflicts between utility and structural designs, and get their approval. So, I’d like to ask all team members involved in construction to give priority to helping their peers in the headquarter, especially by providing their hands-on experience in the project.



You can subscribe to the P3.express list to stay informed of future updates. Members of the list are also involved in the future updates and can contribute in different forms.