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A37 Focused Communication

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At this point, the Sponsor sends a message to everyone inside the company and announces the benefits they have just measured.

This is a continuous reminder for everyone that projects are done for their business values, and they need to consider it in their current projects.

Example 1

Hi all,

I’m glad to inform you that the document management system we implemented in the company through Project PaperLess has reduced our operation cost by 3% in the past six-months, which is a great return on investment. I’d like to thank all the ex-team-members for their great job.

Example 2

Hi all,

As you know, we have a small share in the income of the 100-unit residential complex we built for CompanyXYZ two years ago. I’m glad to inform you that we’ve earned a lot of money because of that small share in the past six-months; more than we initially expected. Thank you all for your great work.

And by the way, John and I were thinking about arranging a one-day picnic for everyone, to have a small celebration. Please let me know if you have any ideas for where to go, and what to do.



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