Instructor-Led Workshops

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Activity discovery

It helps the participants have a better understanding of the activities and the whole process if you let them discover the activities instead of just telling them what has to be done.

The following parts of the workshop have activity discovery:

This page explains how to discover the activities in each of those parts.

S1 - Explain the purpose

First, remind them of the purpose of the activity group:

S2 - Collect ideas

Ask them to think about the management activities they will find necessary or helpful for this group. Remind them to write down the items briefly and clearly. Tell them that they don’t need to worry about adding duplicate items, but encourage them to check other participants' items because it may inspire them to come up with additional ideas. Note that this exercise is done individually, not in teams.

To capture the ideas:

Usually, 2 to 3 minutes is enough for this task, but you don’t have to give them a limited time; instead, watch their interactions, and as soon as you feel that they’re reaching the end, give them 30 seconds to finish up.

You can expect to receive 10 to 40 items at the end of this round.

S3 - Organize the ideas

Go through the items and organize them:

At this point, you will probably have 5 to 20 activities. You don’t need to create a one-to-one mapping between their items and activities at the beginning – it’s best to do it gradually.

S4 - Order the items

Skip ordering for the daily management activities (as they don’t have an order). For the other groups, select one of the existing activity ideas that belongs to the middle of the activity group. Then, ask the participants if it’s possible to do it immediately at the beginning, and if not, what has to be done before it. Track those predecessors back until you reach the first activity, and add the missing activities along the way. While doing it, adjust the order of activities on the board or mind map.

S5 - Link to

When ordering is complete, change the name of each item into the corresponding activity name.

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