Instructor-Led Workshops

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P4-F01 - Hand over the product

10 to 20 minutes

Explain the purpose of the activity and write it down on the board or main map.

Give them 5 minutes to work in groups and think about how they can hand over the product of ArtoLibre@Artopolis and about the risks and concerns involved in it.

When the time is up, ask each facilitator to present their ideas, then ask all the participants to give comments and add yours if necessary.

In general, they need the internal or external customer to appoint someone to receive the product. During the hand over, all elements of the product will be reviewed and received. If there are any extra work or special maintenance concerns, they will discuss and document them.

Finally, the other person will officially accept the product.

Handovers are more serious in external projects, and especially when the product is physical. However, non-physical and internal projects still need a simple handover.

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