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P4-F02 - Evaluate stakeholder satisfaction

5 to 10 minutes

Explain the purpose of the activity and write it down on the board or main map.

Give them the following imaginary results for the last evaluation:

Team members:

  • 81% - How easy is it to interact with other team members?
  • 87% - How easy is it to interact with the project management team?
  • 77% - Are your role and responsibilities clear enough?
  • 81% - Do you have a clear image of the project?
  • 87% - How realistic are the goals in this project?
  • 91% - How happy are you with the project management system?
  • 90% - Overall, how happy are you with your job?

Other stakeholders:

  • 85% - Do you have a clear understanding of what happens in the project?
  • 95% - How easy is it to communicate with us?
  • 97% - Is our management process clear enough for you?
  • 85% - Is the project moving in the direction you expected it to?
  • 95% - Overall, how happy are you with this project?

Without having a group exercise, ask them what they think they should do with this evaluation, and discuss their ideas.

Next, we need to store the results in the Health Register. Then, we can use this information to refine our Follow-Up Register when closing the remaining items.

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