Instructor-Led Workshops

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P4-F04 - Archive the project documents

10 to 20 minutes

Explain the purpose of the activity and write it down on the board or main map.

Give them 5 minutes to work in groups and think about how they should archive their documents, and about the risks and concerns involved in this process.

When the time is up, ask each facilitator to present their ideas, ask the others to give comments, and add your own if necessary.


Once I was made responsible for a new project. I realized that a similar project had been done a few years before, so, I decided to take a look at their documents and learn more about this type of project. I couldn’t find all the documents, and even for those that I did find, I didn’t know whether they were the latest version. I kept thinking how great it would be if there was a central place I could go to and get the latest version of all the documents.

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