Instructor-Led Workshops

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P4-F05 - Celebrate!

10 to 15 minutes

Explain the purpose of the activity and write it down on the board or main map.

This activity may not be taken seriously enough in most projects, but it has a great positive impact on future projects. With this in mind, make sure it’s not underestimated in the workshop either.

Give them 5 minutes to discuss it in groups, and come up with a great celebration idea. When the time is up, ask each facilitator to present their plan.

For example, since the project impacts the whole organization, they could have a celebration that includes the whole organization. They could take a whole day for it and celebrate it in the Artophile Center, with great food and drinks, and live music, and even invite one or two of the main maintainers of the libre applications they have implemented to give a short presentation and tell them about the history of those applications and the stories that come with them.

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