Instructor-Led Workshops

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P4-F06 - Conduct a focused communication

15 to 20 minutes

Explain the purpose of the activity and write it down on the board or main map.

This focused communication is done by the sponsor instead of the project manager, so for the first time during this workshop, ask them to play the role of the sponsor.

Give them 5 minutes to work in groups and prepare the content of an email that the sponsor will send for this focused communication. When the time is up, ask each facilitator to read out the text.


Hello everyone,

Today, the ArtoLibre@Artophile project is officially closed. I appreciate all your efforts in every role inside and outside the project team; especially xxxxx who managed the project, xxxxx and others in the IT department who implemented the applications, and all the department representatives.

It’s a natural human tendency to be afraid of change, and we’re no exception to that. I hope all of your concerns have been addressed adequately during the project, but if you have any remaining concerns or worries, that’s understandable – just make sure you talk to me or the IT department about it, and we’ll try to find a solution. We may have a long transition period, but after that, we expect the new ecosystem to work much better than the old one.

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