Instructor-Led Workshops

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Part 6

20 to 30 minutes

This part is about concluding and closing the workshop.

Learning more

The participants have a good understanding of how they can use at this point. However, this understanding can be deepened and sustained by recommending that they do the following two things:

  1. Read the manual: After taking your workshop, reading the manual will be easier and more fruitful for the participants. It’s also a good review of what you did in the workshop, and a reference they can use later on.
  2. Take the Artophile Center project simulation: The Artophile Center project simulation (eLearning course) is another opportunity they have for practicing what they’ve learned in the workshop.


Teaching is learning. Maybe you can suggest they teach to their colleagues. Besides helping the participants to learn more from teaching, it also makes it easier for them to use in their projects when more people are familiar with it.

Let them know that teaching is not limited to comprehensive programs like the one you’ve delivered, but it can even be a short seminar – one that they can comfortably give after finishing your workshop. rights

Point out the Creative Commons license of and explain the nearly unlimited rights it gives to the users:

Contributing is a non-proprietary system that belongs to the community and grows with its contributions. Contributing is a win-win choice, as it helps the contributor learn more and become an active member of an interesting network, and also helps others because of what they have contributed.

Give them a few examples of typical contributions:

Besides all of that, there’s also room for self-initiated, innovative ways of contributing.

Staying informed

Let them know that the best way to stay informed about invitations to contribute, events, new material, and more, is to subscribe to the announcement emails. It would be a good idea to actively encourage them to do so.

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