A11 - Focused Communication

Note: This is the old version of P3.express. The current version is available here.

Hang a banner in your company to announce the start of the project, and send an email to everyone, and explain why the company has decided to do the project, and how it will benefit them.

The main purpose of this activity is creating commitment, and encouraging collaboration.

Examples 1

Hi everyone,

As you know, we’ve been preparing for a new project in the past months. It’s a 300 unit residential building for ABC-Co. Fortunately, the project is approved now!

It’s a two-year project, with a great contract price. However, that’s not our only reason. As you know, the local government is going to initiate many social housing projects in the next 10 years, and this is one of the first. If we are successful in this project, we can get more of them.

So, it’s important for us to 1) learn more about high-volume projects like this, and how we can optimize our efforts, and 2) deliver a high-quality project on time, and withing budget. Well, being on time is more important than being within budget; we can earn more from the future projects.

So, let’s have a great project together. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you had any questions or considerations.

Example 2

Hi everyone,

I have good news: the office redecoration project we’ve been waiting for is approved, and will be started on Monday. It’s a three-month intensive project with two purposes: creating a better image for our customers, and creating a more productive and comfortable environment for ourselves. We may have some distractions in our daily work during this project, and I hope you help minimize the consequences with your support.

Don’t hesitate to contact me or John if you had any questions.

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