Accredited Trainers Code of Conduct

Created: 2021-11-19
Last updated:2022-01-24
Status: Effective

As an Accredited Trainer, or as a candidate for becoming one,

  1. I consider project management to be a key element in the betterment of societies, and as such, regard it as my social responsibility to delivery high-quality, effective courses;
  2. I believe that the effectiveness of courses comes first, even above other desirable factors such as learner satisfaction;
  3. I commit to striving to continuously improve the effectiveness of my courses;
  4. I respect the time and money my learners have invested in the course;
  5. I respect human freedom, and I avoid engaging in discriminatory speech or actions in my courses, related to matters including but not limited to gender, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, political affiliation, and beliefs;
  6. I always remain open and yet critical to project management topics, without sacrificing professionalism for affiliations, personal gain, or loyalties, and I will encourage my learners to do the same; and
  7. I will be honest and transparent in every aspect of my training programs.