Accredited Education Partners Program

Created: 2021-12-15
Last updated:2022-01-06
Status: Effective

This page explains the accreditation program for education partners (e.g., training organizations). There’s also an Accredited Trainer program for individuals.

Subject is open and free (libre), with a Creative Commons Attribution license, which means that any organization can give training without seeking permission and without paying a fee.

Note: While is free (libre), your derived work doesn’t have to be so, and you can use it for commercial purposes.

While any organization can provide training, only a subset of them receive the Accredited Training Organization designation based on the criteria defined in this program.


The ultimate goal of this program is to help create an ecosystem where learners receive high-quality, practical training courses.


This program may be updated in the future. Updates will be kept as compatible as possible with the previous versions so that organizations can rely on the program for their long-term plans. Accredited organizations will be informed of the updates via email.

If you have suggestions for improvement of this program, we’d be happy to hear from you. You can contact us via this email address:


Accredited Education Partners receive the following benefits:


The following are the requirements for becoming an accredited education partner:

Accerditation process is free of charge.

The accreditation process

The following is the accreditation process:

  1. Send your request to
  2. As soon as you satisfy the requirements (which may take a few months), your designation will be issued.
  3. Your accreditation continues as long as you meet the requirements. If you fail to meet them, an accreditation officer will inform you, help you understand how to fix it, and give you some time to do so. If you can’t fix the issue, your accreditation will end, but you can apply again later when you’re able to meet the requirements.


To respect learners' privacy, only the aggregated and anonymized results of evaluations will be given to you. Other than that, no other learner-submitted data will be communicated to you or anyone else.