P3.express Practitioner Certification Program

Created: 2021-11-27
Last updated:2024-05-02
Status: Effective

This is the description of the P3.express Practitioner certification program, which is the only exam-based P3.express recognition program.

You can obtain an exam voucher from the accredited trainers, accredited training organizations, or the examination institute; e.g.,

What is a P3.express Practitioner?

Candidates who are certified are expected to be able to manage projects or contribute to their management in an effective and structured way using P3.express.

The goal is to create a definition of the minimum level of expertise required for managing real-world projects, which will give people an indication of when they can be relatively confident about their expertise.

How to get certified

Candidates can become certified by


Certificates are valid for life, but they are attributed to the year they are issued; e.g., “P3P-2022”. The level of confidence in the certificate may decrease the more time passes since the evaluation; e.g., a potential employer may be confident about a P3P-2022 certificate in 2023, but may not be so confident in 2025.

In February of each year, practitioners who have the previous certificate will be invited to take the new exam free of charge. By passing the exam, they will get the new certificate and qualify for the following free annual exams.

Serious violations of the code of conduct may result in cancellation of the certificate(s).

Exam vouchers

Candidates can buy the exam vouchers from Accredited P3.express Trainers, Accredited P3.express Education Partners, or the examination institute.

Format of the exam

The P3.express Practitioner exam is in open-book format, with 70 questions in 100 minutes.

The exam is currently available in English, Spanish, Persian, Russian, and Arabic, and more languages will be added soon. There’s a language aid feature in the exam that provides an automated translation of the question into any target language, for an approximate help.

Candidates need a score of 67% or higher to pass the exam.

Format of the questions

Each question is either

When more than one choice is to be selected, it’s always mentioned in the question. Some questions tell you the exact number of choices you should select, and some only give you a hint that you should select more than one choice.

Each question is of one of the following types:

Questions are designed to challenge different levels of cognition:

There’s no penalty for wrong answers, and all questions have the same weighting (1 point).


Questions cover the following topics:

Group Topic Questions
1 NUPP 4
1 Code of Conduct 3
1 License and rights 2
2 Project manager 4
2 Sponsor 4
2 Peer reviewer 3
2 Custodian 2
2 Team leader 1
3 Initiations 13
3 Daily and Weekly Management 8
3 Closures 4
3 Post-Project Management 4
4 Deliverables Map 2
4 Project Description 4
4 Follow-Up Register 6
4 Health Register 1
5 Tailoring 3
5 Delivery method 2

Exam sources

The following are the sources of information used in the exam questions:

Some questions refer to specific techniques or models that do not exist in any of the resources listed above. These techniques or models are mentioned to provide context for the questions, and candidates do not need to know them to answer the questions correctly.

The Standard Slide Deck is a good representation of how the information in the above resources can be studied for the exam. Note: The Standard Slide Deck is not an additional source of information for the exam but only a representation of the main sources.

Practice exams

After redeeming a voucher, you’ll have access to a set of practice exams to familiarize yourself with the style of the questions and the exam platform.