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Part 3

5.5 to 7 hours

This part is about the first month of the sample project, where we review the monthly, weekly, and daily cycles.

Common pitfalls

There are some planning aspects in this part, especially in the monthly initiation group. However, remember that planning is only a small portion of these activities and that the main purpose is to give learners a sense of the day-to-day management of projects. For this reason, we won’t go into too much detail about planning.

Activity discovery

This part covers 4 activity groups. Start each activity group with a discovery exercise to create the list of its activities without going into too much detail, and then proceed to the exercises.


After discovering the activities of each group (B, C, D, and E), go through its exercises, and then start discovering the next activity group.

We’ll start the monthly cycle, go through the first week and its daily management activities, go through the second weekly management group, and then jump to the end of the month.


Give them a quick overview of what has been done in Part 3 and remind them, once again, of the purpose of this activity group.

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