C04 - Conduct a focused communication

This management activity belongs to the Weekly Management group, which is a group of activities done at the beginning of each week.

Send a short message to everyone involved in the project, and brief them on what’s going to be done in the upcoming week, and on the risks that may affect it, as well as the plans to respond to those risks.


The purpose is to ensure everyone is aligned with the overall goal of the project, and that there won’t be conflicts among the work of individuals, teams, and suppliers.

Common pitfalls

Don’t go through too much detail in this message, but rather keep it simple and high-level.


The following principles play a significant role in this management activity:

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A - Project Initiation

B - Monthly Initiation

C - Weekly Management

D - Daily Management

E - Monthly Closure

F - Project Closure

G - Post-Project Management

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