E01 - Evaluate the stakeholder satisfaction

This management activity belongs to the Monthly Closure group. This group of activities are done at the end of each month to close the cycle and prepare us for the next one.

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Send two separate questionnaires, one to the team members, and one to the customer, to evaluate their satisfaction with the project during the month. Record the results in the Health Register. Make sure the evaluation is anonymous.

Health Register template


It’s crucial to have frequent satisfaction evaluations, to find out about the problems and solve them as soon as possible, instead of waiting for undesirable results in the future. This evaluation is not limited to the customer, and you should pay enough attention to the team members as well, as their satisfaction makes a significant impact on the project.

It’s important to have an anonymous evaluation, otherwise, some people may not be comfortable expressing their true feelings about the project.

Common Pitfalls

Don’t limit your evaluation of the customer satisfaction to a few representatives, and evaluate all influential people.

Don’t add too many questions to the questionnaire to keep it easy for the stakeholders to respond.

Even when you do your best to keep the questionnaire anonymous, if there are not too many participants, some of their responses may be identifiable. When so, try to ignore those personally identifiable information, and never use that extra information in the future, otherwise, some stakeholders may not trust the anonymity of the evaluation. To ensure that you won’t see personally identifiable information, in case it exists, focus on aggregate data and do not review the answers individually.


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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