A10 - Conduct a focused communication

This management activity belongs to the Project Initiation group. This group of activities are run at the beginning to prepare us for the project.

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Hang a banner in your company to announce the start of the project (or an equivalent of that for virtual teams), and send an email to everyone to explain why the company has decided to do the project and how it will benefit them.


In many companies projects start and end without a clear indication, and most employees (and even managers) don’t know the range of projects happening in the company. This, in turn, causes everyone to be focused on their specialist activities without having a sense of the project as a whole, and without being able to align themselves with the goals and to collaborate properly with everyone else. The focused communication is an opportunity to avoid some of these issues and create commitment and encourage collaboration.

Common Pitfalls

You can’t be your best unless you’re excited about the project, and when so, you should be able to communicate that excitement in your communications and create a similar feeling in others. Avoid dry, boring communications.


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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