G03 - Conduct a focused communication

This management activity belongs to the post-project management activity group: a 3- to 6-month cycle of activities that start after the project ends and continues for 1 to 5 years. This activity group may be merged with that of other finished projects in a central portfolio management system.

The same person who was the sponsor for the project is responsible for this cycle, unless this responsibility is transferred to someone else.

Send a short message to announce the benefits realized from the project and the plans for improving them. This information may be shared with a small group of authorized people in the organization (e.g., managers and directors), or with everyone. The preference is to share it with everyone.


This is a continuous reminder for the recipients that projects are done for their benefit, and they need to consider this in their current and future projects.

Common pitfalls

Considering the following can help you avoid some of the commonest problems:


The following principles play a significant role in this management activity:

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G - Post-Project Management

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