C01 - Measure and report performance

This management activity belongs to the Weekly Management group, which is a group of activities done at the beginning of each week.

Measure the performance of the project compared to its goals, and prepare realistic forecasts for the targets (e.g., time and cost). Prepare one, or multiple reports, with a focus on forecasts, send them to various stakeholders, and check with them to make sure that they have received and understood the report.

Check the list of stakeholders in the Project Description to make sure that each accurate has received a proper report. If you realize that the current format of the report is not suitable for a stakeholder, revise the format or design a new alternative, and add this information to the list of stakeholders.


The main purpose is to understand where we are compared to the targets and goals, which will be used to recover from deviations as soon as possible. The secondary purpose is to keep the relevant stakeholders informed of the status of the project, which in turn creates trust and further potential for collaboration.

Common pitfalls

Consider the following to avoid the commonest pitfalls in this management activity:


The following principles play a significant role in this management activity:

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