A09 - Kick off the project

This management activity belongs to the Project Initiation group. This group of activities are run at the beginning to prepare us for the project.

Note: This is a draft of the second version of P3.express. Comments are welcome!

If the project is approved in A08, it’s time for all stakeholders to get together, and start the project with a kick-off event.

It’s best to spend a full day for the kick-off event, preferably outside the company. The project manager and the rest of the management team members (if any) facilitate the event and make sure that it’s a pleasant experience for everyone.


This meeting has the following main purposes:

Common Pitfalls

Make sure the kick-off event is not a dry, boring meeting that only goes through the details of the project, but a pleasant experience used for team-building.


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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