B01 - Revise and refine the plans

This management activity belongs to the Monthly Initiation group. This group of activities are done in the beginning of each month to prepare us for a new monthly cycle.

Note: This is a draft of the second version of P3.express. Comments are welcome!

Conduct workshops to revise the high-level aspects of the plans, and add details for the parts related to the upcoming month. This impacts the Project Description, Deliverables Map, and Follow-Up Register.

If similar projects were done before, check their archives and use that information for making your plans more realistic.

Project Description template

Follow-Up Register template


The plans created in the project initiation activity group are high-level, and not enough for implementation. They need to be refined one month at a time, in this management activity. Regardless, any plan needs revising to match the realities of the project.

Common Pitfalls

Consider the following to avoid some of the most common pitfalls in this management activity:


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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