D02 - Accept completed deliverables

This management activity belongs to the Daily Management activity group: It’s done daily.

Note: This is a draft of the second version of P3.express. Comments are welcome!

Deliverables assigned to team leaders and supplier project managers can be completed any day, and that’s time for a quick review and approval by the project manager. The approval in this management activity is preliminary.

In the case of major or critical deliverables, if possible, seek approval of the sponsor and the customer as well.


Having too much work in progress causes problems; it wastes resources, it may lower quality, and it reduces the predictability of the project. When possible, instead of working on too many deliverables at the same time, you need to encourage everyone to finish and close something before moving on to the next.

Common Pitfalls

Approving a deliverable has a responsibility, and some project managers delay approvals to avoid the responsibility. This is counterproductive for the project and should be avoided – don’t be afraid of taking responsibility; some of the deliverables you’ve approved may cause problems in the future, but that problem is not as big as having too many pending deliverables in the project.

Many deliverables quickly approach a nearly-complete state and then they run into problems because of one or a few small difficulties. You may be tempted to mark them as complete because most of the work is done, but you shouldn’t do that – only approve deliverables that are 100% complete.


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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