G02 - Generate new ideas

This management activity belongs to the post-project management activity group: a 3- to 6-month cycle of activities that start after the project ends and continues for 1 to 5 years. This activity group is not required if there’s an active portfolio management system that handles it.

The same person who was the sponsor for the project is responsible for this cycle, unless this responsibility is transferred to someone else.

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After evaluating the benefits (G01), the sponsor should check to see if there are any ways of increasing them. The result may be small activities assigned to the operational teams, or major changes that can become new projects in the future.


The main work for the project is done, and you deserve to benefit from it. However, some potential benefits do not realize automatically unless you take extra, ad hoc actions after the project closure, and we don’t want to miss this opportunity.

On the other hand, evaluating the benefits of the previous projects is a great source of ideas for the future projects, and it’s best done in a structured way.

Common Pitfalls

Avoid unactionable statements, and focus on designing real solutions that can be implemented and evaluated.

You don’t have to do this management activity by yourself – invite other people to join you and decide together.

Don’t limit yourself to evaluating the benefits of each project separately and in isolation – sometimes it works better if you (and other people responsible for other projects) get together and evaluate the benefits of multiple projects together. Just be careful that the benefits of each project you’re responsible for is evaluated in one way or another.


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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