E02 - Capture lessons and plan for improvements

This management activity belongs to the Monthly Closure group. This group of activities are done at the end of each month to close the cycle and prepare us for the next one.

Note: This is a draft of the second version of P3.express. Comments are welcome!

After aggregating the responses to the satisfaction evaluation, invite all team members and facilitate a workshop for them to plan improvements based on the results of the satisfaction evaluation, and to share the lessons they’ve learned during the month. Record all items in the Follow-Up Register and assign a person to each item for the follow up activities.

Follow-Up Register template


This workshop has two main purposes: designing effective improvement plans, and team building.

It’s helpful to use a workshop for planning improvements instead of planning everything by yourself, because The Wisdom of Crowds can help you generate better plans, and you will also have the team members' buy-in.

Common Pitfalls

You can only get proper results from a workshop when it’s facilitated properly. You can use techniques such as Delphi in your facilitation.

When possible, gather the opinions anonymously to ensure that participants are comfortable and can freely express their opinions. You can use a proper software application to ensure anonymity, and also to speed up the process.

Avoid anchoring people to one or a few ideas, and use a neutral framing for problems.


The following principles have a significant role in this management activity:

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